I dream of the days I’m home


When I start to think about home I imagine a clean and fresh scent as I walk through the front door. The first thing I want to do is remove my shoes to feel the solid floor. I breathe in a silence that sings serenity, and my muscles relax as I feel soothed already.

When I sit down, cluttering the table now with all that I brought through the door, I drift away into a peaceful rest that turns into sleep for an hour or more. Awake, I find my family beside me, mess cleaned caused by my arrival, with a smell in the air of fresh food. In the kitchen I look out to the garden, searching for the sight of my only son. I smile when I find him laughing with friends in the yard I’ve worked hard to give him- room for creativity, freedom to be loud and move.

When the dark of the evening settles, I feel a hug come from behind my waist and my husband starts to rub up and down my arms. I was tired from the day, but now there are no worries, not to be thought of anymore. The bedroom is inviting, the bubble bath hot with flames lining the tub, with flowers, too. When I slide underneath my covers I feel safe knowing the people I love are under my roof. The comforter heavy on my body feeling therapeutic in the cool under the whispering fan. I sleep and I dream of the days I’m home.

Powerful Creation

Author: powerfulcreation

Hands on my keyboard, or with a pen and paper. Painting something different than you expected. Powerful Creation is a blog about my life; Young lady balancing faith and living -a mother who works and studies.

5 thoughts on “I dream of the days I’m home”

      1. I figured that it had to be because no one’s life is like this! With that said, I completely understood the desire to have that be reality. I also fantasize about that. Your post made me relax as I read it. Naturally that only last a split second because one of my kids starting hollering about who knows what in the background right as I finished reading it. So much for the fantasy, but I loved the idea of it more than I can tell you. πŸ˜‰


      2. Wow, thank you so much! This was only the first draft, it’s one of my favorites. Writing this I wanted whoever read it to feel the same. Thank you again for your comment!!


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